Lions News · BPS Athletics: COVID Return-to-Play Bulletin #3 (Phase 1 July 6-19)

PHASE 1:  JULY 6–JULY 19.  BREMEN HIGH SCHOOL FALL SPORTS ONLY (boys tennis, cross country, football, girls golf, soccer, volleyball)

  1. All activities are voluntary.
  2. ONLY open to participants and essential personnel (coaches, managers, trainers).
  3. No parents, spectators, etc.
  4. Participants must have submitted all medical information requirements by completing the online registration at Register My Athlete BEFORE practicing  (see Bulletin #2).
  5. Lockers and showers WILL NOT be available.
  6. Report in proper, clean gear that has been laundered since being used last.  No sharing with others.
  7. All workout clothing is to be laundered at home.  The school will not be providing laundry services for athletes.
  8. Athletes are expected to leave the school facility and return home at the conclusion of each activity.
  9. Athletes are expected to shower at home immediately after practice.
  10. Athletes are limited to 15 hours of school sponsored activities a week.
  11. No travel or competition with other schools.
  12. Participants bring their own water and water bottles to each athletic activity.  No sharing with others.
  13. Face coverings are allowed, if wearing one does not pose a health risk.
  14. All physical contact is to be avoided.  Social distancing is encouraged.
  15. Parents and athletes should self-screen before coming to school.  Those showing symptoms of COVID-19 without being otherwise explained are to stay home.
  16. COVID-19 symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell.
  17. Athletes who have had close contact with a person who is lab confirmed with COVID-19 are to stay home.
  18. Before each athletic activity:  All athletes and essential personnel will report to the school link Door #16 for a temperature check and a pre-practice school screening.

PHASE 1 – Bremen High School Athletic Schedule (July 6 – July 19):

Boys Tennis:          Mon-*Tue-Wed-*Thur (6:00-8:00 PM).  Coach Kevin Hickman –

Cross Country:     Mon-Wed (6:30-8:00 PM).  Coach Eric Hudson –  Text: REMIND

Football:                 *Mon-*Tues-*Thur-*Fri (6:30-8:00 AM).  Tue-Thur (6:30-8:00 PM).  Coach Jordan Leeper –  TEXT: REMIND

Girls Golf:               If possible, play local courses and/or use driving ranges to work on game.  Coach Jessica Klingerman –

Girls Soccer:          Tue-Thu (6:00–8:00 PM).  Coach Ricardo Reynoso – or at BAND

Boys Soccer:          *Mon-*Wed-*Fri (8:30–10:00 AM).  Mon-Wed (6:30-8:00 PM).  Coach Mark Yoder –  Text: REMIND

Volleyball:              Tue-Thur (9:00-11:00 AM).  Coach Justin Cochran –

*BOLD denotes conditioning only

If you have any questions, please contact Bremen Athletic Director, Troy Holmes, at