Lions News · BPS Athletics: COVID Return-to-Play Bulletin #1 (Intro)

Bremen Public Schools will continuously evaluate the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community and its ability to maintain a safe and healthy school environment.  In addition, the Indiana Department of Education continues to coordinate with the Governor’s Office, the Indiana State Department of Health, and the Indiana General Assembly to provide guidance to Indiana schools.  In light of this new pandemic environment and given the fluid situation of COVID-19, considerations are subject to change.

Per Governor Holcomb’s executive order, Indiana schools are allowed to reopen on July 1.  Athletics will be permitted to resume activities on Monday, July 6.

In preparation for the return of athletics, announcements will be published periodically on this website to keep students and parents informed and to provide a roadmap for a safe return to school.  Requirements for the Return-to-Play will be published under bulletins sequentially numbered with the heading: BPS ATHLETICS: COVID RETURN-TO-PLAY BULLETIN.

It is important to keep current with announcements so we can provide a safe environment for students, coaches and the community.  The second bulletin, BPS ATHLETICS: COVID RETURN-TO-PLAY #2 will list the medical information that must be provided before a student can participate in athletic activities.  For high school students, the first day of participation is July 6.  The first day of participation for middle school students will be announced at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact Bremen Athletic Director, Troy Holmes, at