Lions News · Pick Up a Whistle?

Been to a ball game lately?  Chances are that at some point during the evening, an official’s call will not meet the satisfaction of the crowd or an individual spectator.  Licensed IHSAA officials in ALL SPORTS are becoming a rare commodity.  Finding officials under the age of 30 years old is especially alarming and does not bode well for the future of high school sports.  If you attend a high school contest, take a moment and observe the behavior of others.  Then think about your own behavior.  Would you want to be treated like an official?  What if it was a neighbor, spouse, sibling, daughter or son who were doing their best to officiate a contest?  We may feel differently if that were the case.  Would you be willing to get a license and call a game?

Criticizing contest officials is actually counter productive to what everyone desires……better officiating.  Officials are leaving the profession and potential candidates will not seriously consider picking up a whistle given the constant bickering or foul language hurled their way.  This leads to a smaller pool of officials working every night of the week to get games covered.  In addition to heavy workloads and burnout, younger officials find themselves calling contests at higher levels simply because there isn’t anyone else available.  A less experienced official will most likely make more mistakes during a game and unfortunately be subjected to the rants of the crowd.  And the downward cycle continues:  WSBT Report

You are welcome and wanted at our high school contests.  With few exceptions, Bremen fans are among the best.  Please attend, support our student-athletes, relax and enjoy the game for what it is….a game.  Our teams love a big crowd and your support has been and will always be much appreciated!