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Lions News · Play For Jake Foundation & Free Heart Screenings

The Play for Jake Foundation in collaboration with the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and St. Vincent Medical Group has launched a Cardiac Screening Program that identifies students who are potentially at risk for sudden cardiac death at a young age.  The Play for Jake Foundation was formed by the family and friends of Jake West.  Jake was a LaPorte High School football and lacrosse player who died suddenly of an undetected heart condition.  For more on Jake’s story, please see the following video: Jake

Jake’s Foundation is determined to create awareness and educate parents and youth about the dangers of undetected heart conditions.  The foundation also provides free heart screenings to local high school students.  To date, over 1,500 students from LaPorte, Niles and New Prairie High Schools have been screened and the same opportunity is being offered to 350 Bremen High School students on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.  These free tests are not limited to student-athletes like Jake, but available to the entire student body.  The screenings will take place during the school day at the Bremen High School gymnasium.  Boys will be screened first followed by the girls with private screening cubicles for all students.

Registered students will receive two tests, an EKG and a limited Echocardiogram.  The tests are conducted by applying sensors to the student’s chest and limbs and obtaining an ultrasound picture of the heart.  Both tests are non-invasive and not likely to create any pain or discomfort.  No radiation or X-rays will be used for the testing.  Upon completion, the screenings will be interpreted by board certified pediatric cardiologists under the guidance of Dr. Sanjay Parikh and the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.  The results will be available online to parents within 48 hours after the screening.  Please see the registration instructions and how to view results after the screening: Instructions

In order for students to be tested, they must be registered online at the following link: registration.  In addition to the online registration, parents of students under the age of 18 years old must submit a consent form to the Bremen High School Athletic Office: Parent Consent Form (younger than 18 yrs old).  Students at least 18 years old may register and sign a consent form for themselves: Student Consent Form (18 yrs and older).  Consent forms are also available in the BHS Athletic Office.

The Play for Jake Foundation will also host a reception on Monday, November 13th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.  Patrons will be able to tour the testing facility and receive further information about the foundation and its screening operation.

A Harvard Study shows that current history and pre-participation physicals detect 1-3% of heart defects, but with the addition of an EKG, 86% of heart issues are caught and once detected, 80% of sudden cardiac deaths are preventable.  Jake West went through all the childhood physicals, countless sports physicals, and had no family history of heart disease.  He was active from the time he was a little boy and never had a sign of symptom of any heart problems.  This is why it is so important to get an EKG.

Registration is now open until November 10th.  The tests are free.  The risk is real. The solution is simple.  Please register at