Lions News · BHS Athletes Train With Volt

What is Volt? Volt is an online, long-term program that provides individualized training plans to athletes based on gender, sport, in-season/off-season and capability. The Volt program is built by a team on certified strength and conditioning coaches in collaboration with premier sport performance experts. Volt creates unique periodized training calendars that vary the intensity of each workout, peaking athlete performance while avoiding overtraining and injury risks. Volt also tracks athlete progress and team achievements keeping everyone accountable for their training.

Bremen athletes will receive a one year subscription to Volt for $10. Teams that have scheduled summer weight lifting and training activities will all be utilizing the Volt program. A 1-year subscription fee of $10 is due to the Athletic Office in order to be registered. After June 12, only those paying the 1-year subscription fee of $10 will be able to utilize the Volt program. If you have more questions regarding Volt, please contact your coach.